Acting lessons game

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Acting Lessons is based on the visual novel and is an adult game. The game revolves around a middle-aged man who has a background in cryptocurrency trading. Meanwhile, he is telling a story of he meet the girl namely, Megan.

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It was his life-changing day. While Megan is a young and aspiring actress who is unfortunately down on her luck and at present she is in the desperate need of help. The game starts off from here.

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You have to be there for her help while you must have the thing that she needs the most. You have to help her turn the hide and have to win her heart. Acting Lessons is a decision-based game. The primary focus of the game is the romantic relationship between you and Megan.

You can name the player according to your liking while you have to select the identity with one out of three different traits available namely Athletic, Charismatic or Well Read. These traits will open up at different locations in the game and will lead to different reactions to your choices. The decisions you made in the game will affect how different characters perceive you. The relationship status will be hidden throughout the game. However, at the end of the game, the summary of choices and the feelings of different characters will be presented before you.

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With the progress of the game, the other characters will also be eligible for the romantic relationship with you. You can form a strong bond of relationship with your best friend namely, Liam. The complete game consists of renders, animations, and 61 songs with amusing sound effects as well.

Download Here. Please if you are not redirected within a few seconds. Above 5 GB Games. PC Software. Action PC Games. All PC Games. Nintendo 3DS Games. Overview Acting Lessons: Acting Lessons is based on the visual novel and is an adult game. Help The Girl. Win Her Heart. Music and Sound Effects.

Acting lessons game

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Acting Lessons