Dark elf game walkthrough

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Now that you have an airship, the entire world is now open to you. Well, sort of. The airship can land in any plotch of green. You cannot land on mountains, forests, buildings, water, or deserts. This section covers are a few places you can explore if you'd like. If you'd rather not, skip ahead to Troia to continue the walkthrough. As the name implies, Mythril is a town with some seriously great Mythril equipment.

However, if you have the Gil to burn and decide to buy a full set of Mythril armor, do not sell your old armor just yet. Leave it in your inventory.

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To get to Mythril, head east from Baron Castle until you hit land. Then, continue north. You should see a town on an island, with a small area for you to land your airship. Mythril is town populated by pigs, to, and Mini people who are great at making equipment out of mythril.

Just outside the armor and weapon shop is a trio of brothers who will perform for the party on request. Before you go in to the weapon and armor shops, though, you can find some equipment for free. Search in the grass behind the weapon and armor shop for a hidden chest with Gil. Then, head east and search the north part of the next patch of grass for Mythril Knife.

Go back around the house and south, then follow the path east until you're in another patch of grass. There's a hidden chest here with Mythril Staff in it. In case you want some mythril pieces for your party but can't afford them yet, spend some time outside of Mythril grinding. Don't waste your money on the Inn - Gil a night! Heal your party with Cure spells, then talk to the White Chocobo as many times as you need to restore your MP.

There's another Chocobo Forest south of Mythril, to the southwest dark elf game walkthrough Mount Ordeals, in case you get bored of Fabul's forest. To get to Agart, head south from Baron Castle until you come to an island. The enemies on the island are a bit harder than what you might be used to, so be careful on your way to town.

There's admittedly not much to do in Agart yet, besides view the two moons through the observatory telescope and find the single item hidden here. The Antarctic Wind is located inside the little building with the well, in an invisible chest northeast of the well. To get to Eblan Castle, head west from Agart until you reach some mountains and desert. Head south to a castle on a peninsula. You may be a bit weak for dark elf game walkthrough monster-in-a-box encounters at this point, so be sure to save before you go inside.

However, there's still some worthwhile loot to find that isn't guarded! Inside the castle the path splits three ways. First head west, down the stairs, under the gate, and into the tower. In the first room, position yourself one square north of the door, then walk east, and around to the room with the chest. This chest is guarded by a Steel Golem and some Skuldiers, but if you win, you receive a Sleep Blade. Afterwards, head for the stairs to the next floor. Examine the pot in the northwest corner of the room for Bacchus's Wine. Then, head south, between the two pots, and follow the secret passage in the wall east to two chests with 10, Gil and Silencing Arrows.

Head back through the secret passage, then go to the east side of the room and continue walking south into the wall to go back down to the first floor. The chest on the first floor holds a Bomb Core. Exit the tower by going back through the secret staircase, and back down the normal one. Go back out into the castle courtyard.

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There's a secret passage to the east just before the stairs, which le to a chest with Hi-Potion. Take the stairs to the next floor. There are quite a few chests on the next floor, but no way to get to them here. Continue to the next floor. If you're playing the 3D versions of the game, examine the throne for a Ninja Sutra - no real point to this item though.

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Otherwise, head directly west of the throne, through a secret passage that takes you to a staircase. The staircase le to the treasure room from the floor, allowing you to open the chests with Unicorn Horn and Alarm Clock. Back in the throne room, head east of the throne to get to the eastern treasure room.

Head back out into the courtyard when you're finished here. Now go east, down the stairs, under the gate, and into the tower. In the first room, go behind the northwestern column, walk through the wall, and around into the treasure room. The chest here contains Couerl Whisker.

Take the stairs up to the next level. Press the switch just east of the stairs and go through the door into the main part of the room. The two chests to the west contain Emergency Exit and Hi-Potion. The chest not blocked by a hole in the ground contains Hi-Potion. Check the pot positioned between the two torches for Hermes Sandals. Continue walking east from that pot and dark elf game walkthrough the outside of the walls to get to that other chest you couldn't get to before. This chest is guarded by two Coeurls and a Lamia. You win a Blood Lance upon defeating them.

Walk back around the secret passage, and drop down the hole.

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Grab the Silver Hourglass from the chest and continue south. Follow the path in the next area until you get to an area with three chests. Open the two on the west side of the room for two Ether. The third chest is guarded by three Mad Ogres, which are highly resistant to magic, so take them down with your strongest physical attacks and keep the party healed.

Your reward for taking them down is a Silver Apple. Follow the path to pop back out on the overworld. Kain stated that the Earth Crystal could be found in Troia, so head there when you're ready to move on in the story. Troia is located to the northwest of Baron, nestled between a lake with a waterfall and some forest.

You can land in a small strip of green between the town of Troia and the castle. You can go straight to the castle if you're in a hurry, but there's some fun - and loot - to be had in town. Check out the weapon and armor shops, and consider picking up a Fireshard if you're playing the 3D version of the game. Next, head towards the Inn and enter the water. Follow the river around to the north, and go up a set of stairs.

There is a hidden passage in the forest to the west, with four hidden treasures in the grass. Immediately north, and facing west of where you entered the hidden passage, you can find 1, Gil. Stand in the square south of this hidden chest and go south for another hidden item: Dry Ether. Head west from where you're standing and examine north, then south, for Decoy and Etherrespectively. That's all for hidden items, but there's still some stuff to explore if you're interested in lore or the game world as a whole.

First, enter the house in the far northeast corner of the town. Examine the cowskull on the wall to open up a secret passage to some stairs down. This quite busy room is the Black Chocobo stables, and you can even get around into the stable by going through the secret passage north of the pot on the east side of the room.

The other point of interest in this town is the King's Bounty pub. Dark elf game walkthrough a person on a stool near the entrance who will sell you a Member's Writ for either 10, Gil orGil depending on what version of the game you're playing. It's not really worth the purchase on the 2D versions of the game unless you are super interested in the scene that follows.

You could also just save on the overworld, buy the Writ, and then close your game without saving to get your money back. However, in 3D versions of the game, entering the dressing room after the scene grants you the Gil Farmer augment, so consider making this purchase if dark elf game walkthrough have a lot of Gil and want to earn more.

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Enter the castle, and continue north into the throne room. When you speak with all of them, you'll learn that the Dark Elf stole the Crystal. However, they're willing to lend the Crystal to Cecil to save Rosa if he can retrieve it. Exit the throne room, and head to the east, then through the door to the south. Walk through the courtyard south, and enter the door. You'll see three sets of stairs. The first stairs lead to a room that eventually will give you a lot of treasure, but we don't have permission yet.

The middle set of stairs le down to a whole lot of nothing, but there is Bacchus's Wine hidden in the pot in the lower east corner of the room.

Dark elf game walkthrough

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