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Log in. Latest activity. Recent contents. There are 11 dialog sets 44 unique dialogs and 4 secret dialogs. After each round, a new item unlocks. Thread Updated: Release Date After your shift, you begin to make your way home, but the moon is full and the streets aren't safe. From this light, a human appears in a world dominated by beastmen.

Plunged into an entirely different civilisation, play as yourself Vincent standard nameas you try to unlock the layers behind your past. Along the Capture the beauty of real-life Monster Girls in their natural habitats. As an award-winning wildlife photographer, your job is to venture deep into unexplored territories, capture the Monster Girls as they Through seamless battles and exploring the expansive environment, you will fight the Gangs with your fellow senior officers.

Your only weakness is that you have no idea what their motives are. They're all deceiving each other and every one of them is better at it than you. Furry games patreon find yourself You will play as a man who has just suffered a wave of loss, and finds himself in Your village is attacked by strange beast who seem to grow stronger every day. As the new salvager, you must venture forth and discover what lies in the Barrens.

What will you grow into? Will corruption seep into your being?

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We have fun minigames, silly jokes, blazing hot art of furry ladies in HD, and even hotter animated loops for the most skillful of you. Are you ready to catch them all? There are foxy ladies out and about, hung plumbers visiting some wet and wild kitties, gloryholes waiting for the connoisseurs, and much more!

Five all-new, original stories, each one ending up in hot sweaty sex!

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Game] 4. You play Ben the hunter, cursed by a witch, who will find himself flirting with human-looking bunnies Thread Updated: Release Date: Patreon - itch.

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Furry games patreon

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