Game 5 boobs

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The year-old and fellow model Lauren Summer were caught on camera lifting up their tops during the World Series game between the Washington Nationals and the Houston Astros at the weekend. Summer, 24, posted to her Instagram story news reports of the incident writing "we did it guys".

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The pair also ed copies of a letter they have been sent by Major League Baseball telling them that they are "banned indefinitely". She posed outside Nationals Park, the venue where she was banned from, lifted up her top showing her breasts and shared the photo on her Instagram .

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She edited carefully placed emojis of baseballs to protect SOME of her modesty, while advertising her magazine on her T-shirt. Jokingly she wrote in the caption: "Anyone got tickets to game six?

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And her model friend Summer also ed a clip to her Instagram Stories showing her running towards the closed gates at the stadium. Los Angeles-based brunette Rose ly ed what she claims is a letter from Major League Baseball notifying her that she is now banned from "all stadiums" due to her actions.

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Several people however, have posted their doubt that the letter is genuine due to how quickly the two models received the letters. However, Summer later tweeted: "To clarify, yes we knew we would get banned, yes the letters are real, and yes I would do it again lol. Rose has three million followers on Instagramwhere she regularly uplo photos of her posing topless, covering her nipples with her hands or with carefully positioned emojis. She has ly shared footage of her driving topless as well as taking a ride on a roller-coaster without a top on.

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Game 5 boobs

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Model Julia Rose flashes boobs AGAIN outside baseball stadium she was banned from and jokes ‘anyone got tickets?’