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Discussion in ' Bug Reports ' started by BJan 4, PlanetSide 2 Forums. Sometimes the game suddenly crashes with a G12 error.

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BJan 4, When did this start to happen? Did you try methods from Wiki to solve this problem? A common solution is simply uninstalling and reinstalling the game. Also, if you're running the game through Steam, Steam should be run as an administrator. If this does not work, please contact Technical Support. FriendlyHumanJan 7, RorshackJan 22, Team automatically gets reports about crashes, so they most probably know about it. My game also crashes with G12 error, but only on PTS before they closed it for test. Maybe it's because I play with ultra graphics quality custom-low on Live.

Crashes mostly happened when I minimized game while loading. FriendlyHumanFeb 5, I've found a fix for the G12 error. On nvidia, just install a graphics card game driver. I've suspected this was the cause, since when I looked in my task manager: I realize that many games that crashed, could not use the GPU and closed out. This worked for 4 other people I told this to. AranakApr 3, FriendlyHumanApr 4, I started game error g12 the same problem in the last few days. I reinstalled PS2 from Steam and updated to the latest version of Windows, but that didn't keep the dreaded G12 error from showing up.

Finally I ran the Nvidia GeForce Experience app and while looking for a way to roll back the current driver, I found a drop down menu with one choice: "Reinstall driver.

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EDIT - I spoke too soon. It only worked once, and now it's broken again. Please try again later. GreenLanternApr 7, Another interesting development happened today. I logged in to the Planetside 2 test server, and after an update loaded, I was able to play there with no problems.

I suspect that someone may have forgotten to add the x display resolution into the mix, but fixed the problem on the test server. So I'm expecting that the next change to production will fix my problem. In the meantime, I can't play. GreenLanternApr 11, Show Ignored Content. Share This Tweet.

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