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The story of the game centers on a family who takes shelter under the earth due to nuclear war. Control the family throughout a series of levels and struggle to survive as long as possible. Manage the resources, craft items and face underground creatures. As the resources of the family run out, they must come games like sheltered ground to collect their require things. Use tons of items to create shelter in the post-apocalyptic world, and interact with objects to progress through the world. The player has to manage the energy and health of the family members and decorate their shelter using different items and accessories.

The game rewards you with amazing rewards, as you gain experience or clear the level. Players can take part in turn-based combat and defeat numerous enemies and adopt a pet to take care. Through customization, the player can select the gender of each person in the game, customize their look and give them a name.

Try it out. It offers an exciting gameplay which is a mix of Rough-like, Tower-defense, Medieval and City-building elements and the game takes place in the historical world where you can take on the role of the ruler. Your ultimate task is to navigate the fictional world from side-scroll view, gather resources, build your defenses to protect your Kingdom and secure your border to fend off threats.

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As the game proceed, it becomes tough, and you can face lots of difficulties like decay, poverty, vicious enemies and more. Explore the Games like sheltered generated world, play as either a King or a Queen, enter the land and turn it into loyal subjects to make your kingdom beautiful. Kingdom: Classic is the best game as compared to other game like same genres.

The game offers an exciting gameplay that you have never played before. In the game, the environment takes place in the fictional Kingdom invaded by mysterious creatures. The King ordered you to navigate the environment and find a new land to welcome new merchants, mounts, and vagrants that are finding Isles home.

There are lots of challenging obstacles and enemies in your way that invade your arrival, block the way where from you come and hire deadly creature to defeat you. The game is full of puzzle things that you have to solve to interact with NPCs, find useful items and assists the people of your Kingdom to survive. Kingdom: New Lands is the wonderful game as compared to other games with of same genres.

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The game puts you in the role of the protagonist who has been kicked out from his homeland due to his cast. The peach and the home the player enjoyed has been smashed and his family vanished. It takes place in the fictional Europe environment and puts the protagonist in the unforgivable world where he has to struggle, build shelter and progress through the game. Games like sheltered are a variety of levels and each level offers a set objectives with deadly traps that the protagonist has to face.

Get in the role of the protagonist who is refugee and survive in an abundant land where you must overcome disease, famine and war. Score the highest points and survive as long as possible. Fifteen different jobs are offers by the game and each with it is own special skills, rewards and items. Home Behind is the best game to play and enjoy. The game supports Single-player mode and offers an exciting gameplay with Strategy, Survival, Rough-like, City-building and Tower-defense elements.

The ultimate task is to build a unit, and struggle to maintain the balance between the complexity and depth of the village simulation. Control the creatures, build shelters, craft different items and navigate the world from top-down perspective. It has several modes such as Peaceful, Sandbox and Survival. It offers an exciting gameplay comprises different elements such as explore, craft, build, defenses, fight and craft.

There are a games like sheltered of levels divided into five difficulties such as Peaceful, Easy, Normal, Hard and Brutal. After selecting the difficulty, you can take on the role of the protagonist and your ultimate task is to navigate the environment from side-scroll, fight against different creatures, and collect resources like wood, stone, minerals and more to create your village.

You have to play the game wisely and deals with deadly creatures, different problems, etc. Build your base and defend them from collapse and build a bridge to fend off threats by entering your land. Craft useful items collecting resources and progress through the game to gain experience that can be used to unlock further content. Harvest Plants and slaughter some bosses and their supports to craft better defenses and items.

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The game is about block-building and uses side-scroll view to navigate the environment. In the world, you can manipulate the hostile skies in steampunk-themed world. Everything in the world that you can see can be destroyed or created. Take on the role of the protagonist, and embark yourself on an epic adventure where you have to face off different difficulties, fight against enemies and survive as long as possible to earn rewards and points. Customize your airship and solve puzzles by interacting with objects and environment.

There are tons of items to craft and the game mixes the elements of skill-based combat, and building. According to the gameplay, you as the protagonist finds yourself in the mysterious forest filled with deadly creatures and vicious weather. It centers on survival and exploration elements in the randomly generated world. Your ultimate task is to gather resources, craft different items, learn skills before the winter comes and cover the entire forest with ice. Interact with environment and navigate up to forty areas and discovers more than items including tools, resources, food, furniture and gear.

Manipulate the games like sheltered from side-scroll view, encounter enemies and defeat them using crafted tools to defend yourself and survive as long as possible to score the highest points and become the master. With cool features, stunning environment, brilliant gameplay, and tons of options including customization, Echo of the Wilds is the wonderful game for hardcore players. The game puts the player in charge of desert craft and its crew. It takes place in an alien planet, where the player must games like sheltered to turn his squeaking subordinates into the shipment and explore the dunes to find out treasures.

The player can craft items to boost his success and can construct as many rooms as possible to advance through it. During the gameplay, the player will encounter the unique power-ups which increases the boost rate of him. In the game, the player needs to direct his fortress, and seek the ancient city of gold.

The player can engage himself in the base building gameplay experience and can expand his community for further progress. Check it out, and have fun. The game mainly revolves around Artillery-based gameplay and introduces two new tech buildings which enable the soldier access to six destructible weapons and varied strategies. During the gameplay, the player unlocks the flak guns, which can be used to clear the skies of enemies, and use EMP rockets to take down enemy tech. There are tons of weapons available to compete with new AI Artificial Intelligence or other online players in Skirmish and Multiplayer modes.

It mixes the Physics-based RTS and builds custom bases elements to offers the exciting gameplay where the player develop his tech-tree, unlock modern weapons to destroy the weak points of opponents and more. The game mainly revolves around the mix of management and strategy elements and puts the player in control of a tribe.

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The main goals of the player are to defend his village from brutal enemies, harvest useful resources, expand his town, upgrade his weapons and tools, and colonize further island to become the master. In the game, there is no specific task to complete and the player can do whatever he want.

During the gameplay, the player can create farms and houses, upgrade his tools to trade with neighbor and struggle to create the most beautiful town. The planes of the player can be ruined by one of several random events, but the player is no need to get upset. In the moment of crises there come those, who are supports of justice. Using the fire and sword, the player can conquer the world in order to deal with Vikings for iron and other rare material.

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The game uses 2D graphics and it takes place in the stunning world where it simulates the elements of Action RPG game. It is a shooting game that mixes high dynamic battles with RPG system. In the game, the player needs to work his way up, from rookie to an experienced pilot, in the high-tech battle aircraft that is fully-equipped with deadly weapons. In the game, the high dynamic fights will keep the player fully engaged over the course of the fight. However, to win, the player is required tactical thinking and reaction, as well as team play and the right priorities.

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