Genie sex games

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Sex with genie. Arabian Genie sex games. Jasmine Blowjob. Jandora 2. Fuck Cute Jasmine. Dream of jeannie. Next Volume 1 - View all genie sex games. Genie Sex Games - "I am your humble genie, master. Thank you for setting me free from that lamp. I shall obey you by serving as your personal genie. For life. We all did. A genie is a magical spirit, usually found in Arab folk stories, imprisoned in a bottle or lamp.

The person who frees him becomes his master, and the genie can grant any desire that one can come up with. A friendly tip - if you do come across a genie that is able to grant only three wishes, which is the regular practice, just wish for more genies. Problem solved. The creators of Sexyfuckgames. Enter the Genie Hottie title and meet a lady genie, set free by a horny guy. I guess you can figure out the rest. Aladdin in Aladdin and the Magic Lamp game has stumbled across a genie who grants only sexual wishes. The poor guy now has to please the genie lady, fuck her deep holes with his shaft, and fill her naughty magical asshole with his juicy spunk.

Genie sex games

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Genie Porn Games