Haramase simulator 2017 download

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A reputed Android developer in lewd circles at least called booom has successfully ported the game to Android for us! Please note that versions prior to this release are not supported and are heavily discouraged from being used. Mirror Mega.

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Does this new version play in full screen? I have v2.

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All investments. Max lvl 2 stamina and max lvl 2 fertility. But if I want the lasted version I have to redownload v2. Same thing happened to me and honestly thats barely a few hours of gameplay… easy to get back on track. That v2. The official one is from booom linked in the post above. That android port is not ours. Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Download APK — 1. Thank you soooo much.

Hope you update to new version ASAP hoho. Like even before i play it. Everytime i try to install it it crashes. Im getting SLG errorwhen i start the game. Is there any way to fix this? Some bug at mini games : no reload button at shooting mini games. Try to install and says app not installed after a second of trying. Can someone tell me how how to downlode the game with the link for the mega file. You just click download and transfer the.

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Please keep on updating the port versioncounting on you. post: Divine Conception.

Haramase simulator 2017 download

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Haramase Simulator