Is mangagamer safe to buy from

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Is mangagamer. Good site. Claim this site. Share your thoughts Sort by: Newest. NOT for children! Contains sexually-explicit material. Trustworthy site in terms of purchasing, but be forewarned that with the exception of the "All Ages" tag, these are adult games, in which you will see images of sexual activity and nudity on their store s. Mangagamer is a European based site marketing perhaps the most under-appreciated, niche in the whole Western hemisphere; visual novels.

Visual novels are games containing a series of stories that are narrating along side with sound, images, text, and animation.

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They can be likened to that of adventure games and popular examples include Pheonix Wright, Persona 3, and War of Agarest. What makes visual novels sold here and in Japan unique though is that they focus exclusively on story-telling, character development, and emotion without the hassle of navigating through puzzles, or riddles just to unlock a certain aspect of the story.

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In essence, playing a visual novel is like reading a light novel, except you get more interactivity, visuals, sounds, and lovable characters to back it off. So it is crucial you pay careful attention to the whole story. If you love reading novels, fanfiction, or Japanese comics, visual novels are the way to go.

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from third-party sources:. Adult Content.

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Is mangagamer safe to buy from

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