Lust effect game

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I have been working on the game "Bright Past" for the last 3. It is a story about the difficult fate of a simple girl with big This is a sandbox game about sex, rock-and-roll and the danger of the criminal underworld. Who will your character be?

Is it a victim of circumstances or a master of fate? You will find several dozen hours of gameplay, about different locations and more than 50 NPCs of various levels of ificance. The game is currently under active development. Current public version: 0. It is a completed project, which is a parody of the famous franchise from "BioWare".

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You take on the role of Captain Shepard, or rather his double. And your main goal is not to save the Galaxy.

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At the beginning of the game, you can choose the gender of the main character, and at the end get several different endings. Lust Affect 1. I'm saving up money for a new computer for quick and high-quality rendering.

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Lust effect game

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Lust Affect the Passage of detailed (Lust Effect Passage detailed)