Morningdew farms: a gay farming game

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A gay farmer! Our young protagonist loved to work as a farmer from his childhood.

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The game story is considered OK to some degree. Even if the game per round is short. It takes approximately 2 hours to finish, but it is substituted with an alternative. Variety which affects the Steam Achievement award that ends well, ends badly … Same, but some parts are different.

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Some, if played normally, would never be able to Secretly looking at ways to get to knowSome of the miraculous battle scenes look strange. Hopefully Steam will open a lot of games of this genre, so there is nothing to compare. It still needs work and polishing, but overall it was a positive experience. We found some bugs during gameplay that prevented us from following the story; The interface deserves a little attention and polish, And the gameplay about taking care of the farm itself is not challenging and is in the background.

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Morningdew Farms: A Gay Farming Game Free Download