My sunshine dating game cheats

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Much better. So how do you get a date in this little villa by the sea? There are three guys you can date: Leon, Damien, and Tom. You need to earn 20 skill points of the skill your specific guy admires and at least experience points EXP to get the guy to date you. There is some varied choice when it comes to grinding skill points and EXP. Every night you sleep gives you 60 HP, and you only have 30 days, so plan wisely! At points the guy asks you out to the costume party and asks you to dress in a certain costume.

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Once you get a hang of things you can strategize how you can date all the boys at once, or just reach friendships, none at all, etc. Speaking of which, I should probably get to dating. Who should I pick first, frenemy ugh Ranya? Cute kitties with cute guys? So you go down to the pier to meet Tom, who is a selfless young man that feeds twenty stray cats a day with his pitiful allowance, and his kitten DB. Have I mentioned how hilarious some of these obviously wrong answers are?

I ask this guy out and he takes me for a date on the beach. Romantic, right? Leave the cat at home so we can go see a movie. Thankfully there are two other guys you can date. My favorite is the book worm and book store owner Damien, who took over the family business because reasons that make him grumpy pants:. You give him snarky answers until he finally takes the stick out of his ass and opens up about himself a bit more. Ok, what?

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Fuck this. This looks like a lot of fun, though I kinda love how creepy Tom is. But if he loves cats, why does he really only seem to like that one? Do you think he accidentally glued it to his hands or something? Anyway, thank you for snarking through more games like this, because it makes my day every time! Like Liked by 1 person. Alice is a bit of a blank slate so and from the dialogue she starts to sound as obsessive as Tom lol.

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My sunshine dating game cheats

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