Online games where you can get pregnant

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Please read and accept the terms and conditions and check the box to generate a sharing link. Pregnant Rapunzel Emergency is part of a series of online free games aimed at young girls forhergames. The game selected has what may appear to adults several disturbing features in that the player is invited to treat wounds of the kind of harm that might usually be associated with domestic violence towards women. Maybe scholars should declare a moratorium on defining play. Dark play occurs when contradictory realities co-exist.

Schechner, : 15— Jackie Marsh et al. Marsh et al. Yet these are still rather benign models. He cites Goffmanwho believed that, in play, it is as if the player is learning in a virtual way how to act in control when metaphorically under fire.

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This article explores the idea that dark digital play might appear to invite new possibilities for the experience of playing as positively acting out the feeling of surviving the dark, but when all three authors examine Pregnant Rapunzel Emergency closely at the levels of player, parent observer, interpreter and digital programmer, the game is stitched up, gender-wise.

Then, digging under the visible, we seek out the author or producer of the online sites, and explore the digital make-up of the game in terms of its programming templates and marketing strategies. What can contemporary online games tell us about the realities of dark play?

Is there dark play in the game itself, the observer or the player, the maker or production? Working across the perspectives of parent, educationalist and computer scientist, we aim to explore questions crucial to an interdisciplinary understanding of dark digital play. My seven-year-old daughter came home from after-school club, sat down at the computer and found a website called kizi.

A banal, colourful click-and-drag hairdressing scenario appeared and she settled down. About 15 minutes later, I noticed a very different scene. The background was bright pink and the scene was a hospital bed with a pregnant cartoon female Figure 1.

She was staring worried and wide-eyed from the screen, with a black eye and tears brimming, covered in bruises and scratches, and spiked with what looked like large thorns. That was my introduction to the world of online pregnancy games for girls. Styled in bright pink and purple, the site has hundreds of cooking, makeover, baby-care, dressing-up, bridal and party-prep games, featuring big-eyed, lustrous-haired, mainly Caucasian teens with a large contingent of cartoon celebrities from Disney and television, including Elsa FrozenRapunzel TangledAriel Sofia Princess Sofia and Dora Dora the Explorer.

In amongst these are slightly less-expected scenarios, including dentistry, surgery and pregnancy. At first glance, as an adult female and mother, whose work involves digital media production and learning, my semiotic sirens went off loudly. The context was something else. I do not necessarily recognise all the Disney princesses out of context in the emergency room as opposed to the enchanted forestso to me the graphics immediately suggested teen pregnancy and domestic violence.

A young woman beaten by the boyfriend who had knocked her up? But was this an overreaction to a simple fantasy-land aesthetic with some probably copyright-infringing characterisation thrown in as an easy hook? At the time, the only thing I could find which had noted this phenomenon was a blog by Philippa Warr on online games where you can get pregnant games review site Rock, paper, shotgun. Sites like MaFa. About four out of five of these women are teen and tween girls, which explains the predominance of popular Disney characters like Elsa. Warr, Parental anxiety around screen time and digital content is high and increasing Byron, ; Palmer, Young girls feeling pressured to conform to body images, gender stereotypes and sexualised selves from a young age, juxtaposed with the contradictory identities of childhood, is also well reported Coy, ; Robinson, As the images and communities that our children have access to online are proliferating, the feeling of losing control or influence and the associated guilt has to be balanced with the reality that each older generation has fretted about unsuitable cultural influences or technologies with regard to their children.

One approach is to talk through what they are seeing, feeling and thinking as they encounter and play with this content online. So, a year after I first saw my daughter playing games on www. And you first discovered this when you were at after-school club — is that right? Can you remember when you first found it? Oh, OK. So that makes sense then, does it? Now, how do you think she got hurt? I think so. Now, what do I do? Once completed she goes to the main hub to look for another ]. And if I want to be a doctor or somebody who helps get the baby out, you have to learn.

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Saltz,through natural history television and through conversations when her teacher was pregnant. What became clear through this dialogic episode was that the act of giving birth held a real fascination because that was the part she had not seen.

She has seen women who are pregnant and she has seen them with newborn babies, and she knows where babies come out. But she has not seen a human birth, so Pregnant Rapunzel Emergency might hold the key:. How did she get so badly hurt? Do you think somebody hurt her? Or do you think she had an accident? What do you think might have happened? What are your ideas? Oh, I have to take the thorns out. She was in the pub and then she … just got nails. While I saw games imbued with gender stereotyping and implied violence, my daughter appeared largely unfazed by this.

The lipstick and long hair were recognisable female ifiers for her, as was the fact of pregnancy, but the injuries were pd accidental, not a al of violence or trauma. In her own experience, cuts, grazes and bruises are common, a result of playing hard, cycling or climbing, and rarely inflicted deliberately by others.

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That is the analogy that she naturally drew. Oh, you can choose a colour! Whichever you like, I guess. Oh my gosh, she needs a lot of plasters!

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Now what are those marks there? She was evidently attracted to the simple task-oriented gameplay with a familiar character and predictableand possibly even soothed by the banal background music and gentle pace. She also saw this as a comfortable mix of learning about medical procedures, maternity, caregiving and fantasy scenarios mermaid babies, vampire babies. But she realised that it was not for everyone:.

Yeah, these are the ones! Mum, can I have a tiny piece of something to eat? Are my anxieties around suggested unquestioned violence unfounded? Certainly, my daughter was not disturbed in the way she has been when seeing other apparent depictions of violence, injury or birth. These include paintings by Frida Kahlo, whose portraits she is very drawn to — works such as Henry Ford Hospitalwith its bloodstained sheets and floating iconography of industrial, medical and cultural symbols, or The Broken Columnwith its open wound from neck to womb, revealing a shattered Ionic column Figure 2.

Could the Rapunzel game deers be referencing their art history education? Figure 2. Frida Kahlo self-portrait: The Broken Column While the gender stereotyping in the actions and aesthetic is evident, this could be counterbalanced when considered alongside other imagery, scenarios and counternarratives that she encounters in books and films.

The gender roles offered in this game type and on these hubs, mixing real-world simulation with role play, are undoubtedly limited Pei Ling Ong and Tzou,but can also be seen alongside a much broader array of options that she encounters through play, popular culture and people in her life. What is evident, though, is that these are a poor substitute for sex education, and that she is ready for an alternative preferably illustrated explanation.

Pregnant Rapunzel Emergency is the product of this slow evolution and interplay of human desire with technology. The evolution of these template web games dates back to s graphic adventure games on domestic game stations and micro personal computers, such as the Amiga, Atari, ZX81 and Spectrum Donovan, Authoring for these platforms required a reasonable grasp of coding and distribution through floppy disks, cartridges or by retyping raw code from bulletin boards or printed magazines, and it was not until the advent of the World Wide Web in the early s, combined with the emergence of authoring packages such as HyperCard Lasar, and Macromedia Director Lingoworkshop,that the process for games production became more democratised for more online games where you can get pregnant oriented deers.

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Web-browser plug-ins such as Shockwave and Flash enabled these deers to distribute their products through the Web, which in turn led to the growth of a community of independent game developers. Surviving on Flash-heavy website de Flash is software developed by Adobe to create animated web content and the production of Flash banner adverts, these deers were motivated to provide maximum audience engagement through simple interactive elements underpinned by a PPC advertising revenue model.

The PPC business model relies on advertising companies paying host websites for every click on an advert — the more clicks, the more income, some of which trickles down to the Flash banner developer. These hollow websites rely on a constant stream of traffic, with users spending as long as possible on a so that adverts can be absorbed through their peripheral vision, on the slight chance that one might be clicked on.

These honeypots are a perfect symbiotic system or mutualism: advertisers reach huge audiences and developers demonstrate their skills and receive a cut through the amount of web traffic, with the host website taking the cream off the top, and audiences satiated with a tsunami of gratification. The analytics that run behind these games in turn generate a form of algorithmic-driven evolution for the games. The adverts themselves are part of another behavioural construct. The idea is that the longer you browse the Web, the more relevant the adverts will be to your needs, to the extent that at some point these systems will know what you want before you are aware of it.

These predictive algorithms deliver adverts anticipating your desire and can be modified based on demographic data and temporal factors such as changes in location, weather and news itemsalong with more complex inferences based on the confluence of multiple data sets. The adverts appearing in the margins, assuming that an ad blocker is not installed, will therefore be targeted online games where you can get pregnant the primary user of the web browser. Considering the age of the majority of users, it would be reasonable to assume that a fair proportion of primary users will be a parent or guardian, and not the player of Pregnant Rapunzel Emergency.

The adverts appearing in the peripheral vision of the player will, therefore, be targeted at a completely different demographic than the player. Pregnant Rapunzel and thousands like her will be surrounded by adverts pushing white goods, fashion and merchandise, matching completely different lifestyle aspirations to those of the young player. This strange montage does not appear to deter the business model that maintains its existence through generating massive amounts of web traffic to sustain the clickbait environment. The games themselves are simplistic in structure and celebrate the moveable sprites of early arcade games and interactive authoring environments, such as Macromedia Director and HyperCard.

These clusters of pixels form a simple image which is independent from the background or other layers in a game scene.

Online games where you can get pregnant

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