Pc games with pregnancy

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Having kids and babies in video games are awesome; you can make them look exactly like you or the other parent, and they can do some pretty awesome things, like you on the battlefield in Fire Emblem or help tend to your farm in Stardew Valley. You can grow crops, make friends, and taking on commissions to get some extra cash.

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My Time At Portia lets you date whoever you want to date regardless of gender or race. Once you get past the initial stages of the relationship and make it to the last level, Full Devotion, you can finally have a baby with your spouse. The baby that you have through a normal pregnancy will have mixed features from both parents, just like in real life! The Sims has always been great at simulating a real adult human life.

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You get to go work, take care of your pets, pay a mortgage, go to school, and even have kids —if you so choose to do so. In the Sims 4, you can date pretty much anyone that you want, as long as they like you back of course. Once you eventually adopt or have kids of your own, the child has to be fed, washed and changed like any other normal baby. And once the baby becomes a toddler, they can then go to school and partake in after-school activities, as any kid should. If you date someone one of the same sex, you will be able to have children due to adoption and opposite-sex couples will have children organically.

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Stardew Valley really tries to give you an authentic experience when it comes to getting married and having. In Harvest Moon: Light of Hope, there are a total of 5 eligible marriage candidates per gender that you can romance into a marriage, and then you get the chance to have children with them.

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The only bad thing about being married to someone in Light of Hope is that once you do get married, your partner will not be able to help you out with the farm. It might sound kind of rough to throw your child into war once they can get their hands on a weapon, but this is Fire Emblem and these kids have to be ready to throw down at a moments notice. Connect with us.

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These are 5 video games where you can have kids, babies, and children. My Time At Portia.

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The Sims. Stardew Valley. Harvest Moon: Light of Hope. Fire Emblem Fates. Continue Reading. To Top.

Pc games with pregnancy

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