Quickie game

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Loop around the map in both directions and collect as many apples as you can without hitting your own body. By midnight it was this game. It may suffer lag if you're really good at it, but it should hopefully be minimised now I released it as a direct link over Twitter quickie game night which suffered it a lot harder.

You can use Z and X to rotate the curvature of branches currently growing. Every three seconds, branches will split into two separate ones. As the tree ages, or as acid rain makes contact with it, it begins to die. Holes will start to form in branches, which need to be patched up. The game ends when droplets of acid rain hit the floor. It's an arcade game, not the most variety-filled thing ever but probably worth a quick single play.

Trees can be very pretty to look at, I've left the F9 screenshot function in if you want to take some screenies of your trees and share them. Coding this is waaay beyond me, and i'd be interested to see how it was made.

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The only obstacles are the walls. The challenge comes from the fact that your player can only move a set of squares each move.

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Second, he can move two. This goes on up to the fourth. After a four-square move you loop back to one. All levels in the game have been tested and are definitely completable, though a few may not seem it at first. This was originally made for an hour-long friendly competition between me and one other person, so the ground work was done between 10pm and 11pm last night. The original, named " LMV in Ecuador! This is a tweaked, renamed version. Created for a one-hour friendly game jam. I expanded this a day later into the slightly more fleshed out and appropriately named 1n23g4r.

This is an quickie game simple arcade game made in a friendly competition between a few friends to make a game in 10 minutes. None of us had finished, so the deadline was extended by another 10 minutes.

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I won by default, and my entry, 10, became 10x2. Made in an hour. Short, difficult bullet hell. You're a pixel. Avoid the other pixels that stream out around the centre of the room en masse. Simple shooter where two chains release a series of nodes. Collect all of the worthy green pickups while leaving the worthless, harmful ones. Keep an eye on their pattern differences! A super-simple two-player game in which you try to be the sole survivor in an asteroid field.

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You win… on one condition. Download MMXX Screenshots. Download 3. Download 2.

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Reviews Nowza Screenshots. Download 6.

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Download 4. Part of The Z Series. Stay alive as long as you can!

Quickie game

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