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A Dark Room. It's sooo well done. They've combined so many great elements of gaming into what, at face value, would just be another shifty web game. Such a beautiful narrative as well, which is totally surprising for a browser game. I've played it through 2 or 3 times now. QWOP all day. My personal favorites are deeeep. Not so much for killing time though, you can really get into these games. Have you ever wanted to play pong using the browser windows? AntBuster has always been a favourite of mine! I used to love Runescape, but that's no longer browser based. Realm of the mad god is always fun though.

Kingdom of Loathing - it's a free web-based RPG that's been around since It still gets constant updates from its devs, and it's best described as "World of Warcraft, written by Monty Python, drawn by xkcd.

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KoL has a few interesting mechanics that need to be understood before playing, though. You get a set of "actions" per day, which means it takes multiple days to accomplish certain goals. However, there are a ton of easy in-game ways eating food, drinking booze, and "spleening" other items to triple, quadruple, or even quintuple your usual action allotment.

This system would ordinarily be frustrating, but it's useful to keep players from burning through the game's content in a day. In a lot of games, it's a gimmick to allow you to play again without adding much content, but in KoL it's the basis for the entire game.

You can add new skills, play special challenge paths, get special reward equipment, etc.

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I've been playing sinceand it still hasn't gotten old. Realm of the Mad God is one of my favourites for sure. Although I'm a little mad at it right now because I just died with T11 loot. I'd definitely not recommend this for browser. For some reason, it had terrible lag only on the browser version but worked fine on steam.

An online tank fighting game where you destroy shapes to level up and boost your tank's stats, eventually being able to upgrade it to a more powerful type of tank, while battling other players. What is the best web browser game? Posted by 4 years ago. Sort by: best. That's very addictive. Wow, thanks for this one! Motherload is the shit. Still holds up great. Great games, horrible fanbase.

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Reddit best browser games

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