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Any good games with anthro characters I should look into and play. One of my friends gifted me dust the other day and I am loving it so far! Westballz is fucking nuuuuts. Furdemption and its sequel, King Rabbit is a great puzzle platformer iOS. If you have a ds then Animal Crossing or Solatorobo are fun games.

It has sex scenes. I mean, from what I've heard, I wouldn't know. Rivals of Aether - Smash style fighting game with great physics. Easy to learn, hard to master. Freedom Planet - 16 bit platforming throwback to the Sega Genesis. It's kind of a Sonic game in spirit, but with Gunstar Heroes bosses and enemy density, and Megaman X and Rocket Knight Adventures attacks and movement. Its a flash game, but it's sure to entertain you for a couple minutes.

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The Last Guardian. I think it comes across as furry, but either way you should check it out! Starbound has anthro species and can be easily modded to add more.

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It's a little more of a process, but Stardew Valley can also be modded to have anthros, and to turn the characters into anthros. Unfortunately, it doesn't have any by default. Neither of them are particularly story-heavy games, but they're options if you'd like to mix things up.

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GW2: One playable anthro, the Charr, but there's other anthro NPC's and parts where you're transformed into an animal. The ones I played have already been said here but Ori and the blind forest Dust an Elysian tale Stories pathways to destinies Hyper light drifter has npc furries Skyrim khajiit I haven't played it but I heard armello was good. It's a fantasric furry dating game. It beautiful and the stories are interesting and amazing. You should definitly try it out. There are sex scenes in the end of every date just to say, it's a dating sim after all.

Any good "furry" games I should look into? Sort by: best. Actually a Reindeer. Stories is like Westballz. Weird Fox Thingy. Ori and the blind forest. Perkiest ears in the North. Witanlore :v. For "dating" games, I'd say Amorous. Reddit furry games Fox. Smart science doggo. Alice is Dead. Art: beta. Da frick are my life choices.

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You know, it's a little old now, but the Sly Cooper series. Grim the Argonian. It has very negative reviews and the developer is an ass. More posts from the furry community. For all stuff fluff. Created May 26, Top posts january 25th Top posts of january, Top posts Back to Top.

Reddit furry games

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Any good "furry" games I should look into?