Shelter game download

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Home » Action » S. An Apocalyptic Tale Free Download. The Lannisters would be jealous! But this one does not! First of all, it should be said that this game contains a lot of explicit scenes. There is nothing cut or pixelated in this game.

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One can find this good, but some might also find it bad. Personally, we are against any cuts or pixelation.

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Shelter is a game that takes place in a post-apocalyptic world. The similarity to other post-apocalyptic games is purely coincidental. The protagonist lives in the shelter, into which he and his family withdrew before the bombs fell.

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But instead of bothering with board games or consoles there is probably hardly any electricity anymore the protagonist tries to get closer to his sisters and mother — the Lannisters would certainly be proud. It is therefore important to discover the world and to repopulate it again.

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One shelter is never enough. Here, too, you meet different characters, such as the looter Tiffany or even a whole range of characters in the settlement.

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To get to the settlement you need a syringe to survive the radiation areas which you can buy from Tiffany. In the settlement, you do a job every day and work your way up there in the village community. Direct Download Link.

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Shelter game download

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