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An ordinary high school student named John comes across an object of immense power on an otherwise ordinary day. Will he use it to pursue his own deepest desires? Or will he and his friends be caught between forces they don't understand? For detailed version notes, please see the dedicated changelog thread on the forum. Version 4. Version 5. Version 6. In version 6, Leona's root has been ificantly improved. After passing it, I can repeat the words of Connelia: "John. Your mother is a crazy bimbo!

I still hope for the root of Scarlet and Setsuna and the end of the Cornelia root.

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Yui is the best girl so far. This has been my favorite game on the site for some time, and the 6. The Memswap route has been completed, and was a great experience, while the new Route involving Charlote seems very promising as well. I would consider this to be the most ambitious visual novel on the site. The story is huge and the amount of current paths there are is pretty unbelievable. It is a pretty fun experience transfer student game the current routes that are present within the game are pretty fun to read.

Currently, relatively there aren't a lot of routes that are completed, but that isn't a major issue when most of the choices lead to a satisfying story, even if the route itself hasn't been completed. Regardless of what route you pick, each of the characters feel as if they have reasons for why they do what they do, but you'll only start to learn about each character within different routes. Frankly, I'd be hard pressed not to mention perhaps the second biggest reason why this game has become a favourite of mine, and that's the scenarios.

The fact that you can write your own self contained story using the characters and assets of the base game, or use community made assets, is a really good part of why this game is a favourite of mine. Transfer student game not going to mention any scenarios here but if you like the base game, you will enjoy the scenarios and fortunately, each major version of student transfer has their own scenarios. I just got the game and I love it a lot, the stories are really well written the characters are vibrant there isn't much erotic stuff but to be honest I'm okay with that when the content is that good.

This game is a labor of love and it shows!!! Home Community Forum Chat. Quick Search:. Game Information. Discuss this Game. Version: 6. Synopsis Walkthrough Changelog An ordinary high school student named John comes across an object of immense power on an otherwise ordinary day. Version 2. You can now reload during morphing sequences as they have been made more stable overall. The scenario export function, in a small of cases, would export broken scenario packages.

It does not do that anymore. Sandra's expressions for the "swimsuit" and "casual" outfits were incorrectly optimized, which they now are not. Added more game files to increase overall download size. Scenarios shown in the scenario list are now sorted alphabetically for consistency.

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GUI Rework for the sprite viewer for better accessibility. To see what this means for you, check the version notes below. Slightly reduced the amount of quick- and autosave slots in favor of increased performance.

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Moved scenario installation to a background thread to improve performance. Moved the loading of scenario files to a background thread to massively improve startup times when many scenarios are installed.

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The primary location for scenarios was moved out of the game directory. Scenario Mode now works on Android! More information about this change is available in the version notes below. The image loading system is now more robust. Yes, that's all transfer student game information you're gonna get. The "nude" and "shaved" outfits are no longer special. Less confusion for character pack authors!

Performance tweaks all over the GUI, especially for the sprite viewer and the character database. Smooth sailing! Scenarios can now make use of sound assets in the Opus and MP3 formats. A new format for custom characters. Please reference the scenario guide for in-depth information about what this change entails.

Reading time estimation for scenarios so you know what you're getting into. Yes, we went there. GUI rework for the scenario installer. It did not have a GUI before, but it does now. A gallery system for your viewing pleasure. You can find more information about this addition in the version notes below. Support for timed choices.

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Please reference the Scenario Guide for usage instructions. New "phone call" animation: Make calls between two characters, with fitting animations! There's always more typos. But we fix 'em. Yes, we fix 'em Fixed a bug that resulted in custom sound effects and music not being properly loaded for scenarios Improvements Behavior change: Scenarios installed via the "Install Scenario" button will by default be installed in the game directory unless that is not possible, in which case they will be installed in the "scenarios" directory created under your user Changes to how the Android build extracts resource files.

This is purely backend-magic Galleries are now sorted alphabetically, because not sorting them alphabetically would be stupid which is exactly what we did before Additions Scenario Mode now has proper support for loading movies.

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For a more detailed explanation, please reference the Scenario Guide. The "Install Scenario" button now installs scenarios instead of crashing the game Fixed a bug you didn't know you had. If you experienced audio issues crackling or lag before, it should be gone now. If you didn't, no improvement for you Made an exception actually throw the exception instead of throwing an exception before the exception could be thrown. For more information, please re-read the sentence Fixed a bug in Ren'Py itself that would raise an "Invalid Key Specifier: Skip" exception when it was actually a syntax error.

Thus you should now have more comprehensive error reporting when you make an error while writing scenarios Improvements Added a utility method for resolving already-loaded images to their full paths, specifically for Applemelon Support for separate alpha masks for movies. The new limit is double the old one at 4GB, which should hopefully alleviate most of the memory issues people have experienced Zoom levels are now propagated to the "morph" command.

You can finally morph into a tiny John! Additions Support for multiple story hooks per scenario. For a more detailed explanation, please reference the Scenario Guide A small blip has been added to the title screen of scenarios notifying you of their non-canonicity More expressions for Rita Version 4. I want to take this moment to thank Bill Gates and the whole bunch of Indians working at Microsoft for their amazing product which I love and support and which only ever gets better over time and surely never causes issues due to absolutely backwards de decisions that go completely against any kind of reasonable standards that have existed before and would've been ready to use.

We might also delete your files if we feel like it. Disabled automatic image definitions, so you can no longer reference images without their proper tags thanks Applemelon v2-style scenarios are now properly loaded on Android Compatibility fix for external scenarios. The mode should now be safe to use and compatibility for scenarios on Android is now much better.

That's right it only took us four releases to get to this point! From this version onwards he's transfer student game proper Otani again In a few cases the Galleries would select the wrong thumbnail image. Now it's all prim and proper A bug with windows file paths was fixed that prevented alpha masks for movies from working correctly Apparently the filter to simulate color blindness was broken, but since nobody used it, we never noticed. Nobody's using it now, either, but at least it works now Improvements A few small skip-proofing brush-ups were made in Antics If timed choices are disabled in the preferences, the "fail" label that is jumped to if the timer runs out is added as a choice named "Timeout Choice" instead The Android version of the game now comes in a "universal" format, meaning that no matter what Android device you have, the same APK file will work for everyone, anywhere The macOS version of the game will be shipped as a notarized Mac app from this point onward.

This resolves an issue with macOS versions starting with macOS Catalina refusing to open versions below 4. Fixed screenfilters not updating properly sometimes. Now they update properly all the time. Slight skip-proofing for Vanessa content to prevent people from flying all over the place, which is likely not very comfortable. Fixed the scenario loading bar getting stuck at the top of the screen in rare cases, mostly transfer student game wiping off the sticky gunk that somehow got on there.

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We overlooked it. Maybe we should've worn glasses, too. Tori was so emotive, she had the same expression twice. Surgically added blood vessels to Riley's cheeks so he can blush now. Fixed an animation issue in the Cheer path, which is strange because that is normally the cheerleader's job.

Removed ghost code that existed without anyone knowing about it. Spooky, and it's not even halloween yet. Fixed a bug that affected the visibility of expression banks in the Sprite Viewer under certain circumstances. The morph effect now properly respects the zoom levels of the affected sprites. The blur effect now properly respects image sizes.

A lot of respect to go around. Many, many fixes for Skeleton and Character Database content. Wording, typos, contradictions, they're all fixed now. We hope. Small fix for accessory state in the Sprite Viewer. The usual bucket load of typo fixes.

Transfer student game

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